9th November 2021

Rachel Reflects on three months of change…

The last three months have been a season of big changes for the Community, so we apologise for the long gap since our last newsletter. We are at last finding our feet and establishing new rhythms, so there’s lots of share with you in this edition of our news.

We’re excited to introduce our 13 new residents and our new Operations Manager, Josh Crick de Boom and his family. The house feels very different this year with more people and with the joy of opening the doors to offer hospitality. Our residents are inviting friends to join in Community meals, Companions can once again spend time here and we are able to host small groups and prayer events.

You’ll find our most recent prayer resource – a 60 minute prayer guide on the theme of ‘Difference’, we hope it is something you will find useful in your own context to resource prayer and practices for reconciliation.

You’ll also find an invitation to a couple of on-line opportunities to join us for a Quiet Day for the beginning of Advent, in partnership with the Framland Deanery.

Back in July we launched the ‘Friends of the Community’ – inviting you to stand with the Community in prayer and financial support. We’ve had a very encouraging response to this appeal and are already more than a quarter of the way towards our target of 100 people giving £10 a month. To find out more about becoming a Friend of the Community here.

Finally, in this newsletter you can read about my commitment to the Single Consecrated Life and the celebration of this vow in a service with our Bishop and the Community held in October.