5th July 2022

Camping trip

We had a blast at our Cornwall camping trip at the beginning of June! It was a great opportunity to deepen relationships with one another, to find God in the beauty of the nature surrounding us, and to enjoy a well-deserved rest! 

On one day, we enjoyed an art and prayer day with priest and artist Bridget Macaulay in West Cornwall in which we reflected on our faith journeys using collage and crafts. It was just a beautiful location to reflect on how God has been present with us throughout our lives, and to slow down and talk with God about our hopes for the future. 

A few of us also walked some of St Michael’s Way. It was a beautiful sunny day to walk a route that pilgrims have been walking for hundreds of years, and have some opportunity for silence and solitude along the way. 

The rest of our time was spent on the beach, playing volleyball or frisbee, chatting around the campfire and eating great food!